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Ari and her pup Pants.


Meet Ari Gretz - Trainer


Hello, my name is Ari and I have been working at Fissan as a Dog Handler/Trainer since February of 2022. On my very first day I fell in love with the staff, dogs, and facility and was welcomed in with open arms by Carol (Head Trainer/Owner), Elysia (Manager/Trainer) and Robert (Owner). I plan on working with them for as long as I can and learning as much as I can from them. In addition to dog handling I am teaching the Thursday night puppy classes and will eventually work up to Beginner as well. Ever since I was a kid I have always been drawn to animals. My family would call me “Bindi the Jungle Girl” because I always had the magic touch when it came to wildlife. If there was a dog that needed to be walked, played with, or cared for, I was always first in line! I always knew I was going to end up working with animals as a career, but never knew in what aspect until in high school I discovered through lots of thought and research that my dream is to train service dogs to assist those with physical and mental disabilities and I work toward that goal everyday here. I have lived with a pack of dogs my entire life and I was typically the designated caretaker because I always enjoyed it so much. Currently I have an Australian Shepard named Pants and a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix named Bubba who both come to daycare and/or training on a daily basis. I believe that balanced basic obedience training is vital to every dog’s safety and wellbeing whether they’re 7lbs or 70lbs. Even if you’re just working them for 10-15 minutes throughout the day it will make all the difference. Here at Fissan, we teach you how to work with your dog as a team to be successful in your everyday life. Every dog requires a different approach and my job is to help you determine what that approach might be based on all the information I have learned while training here and by assessing your dog’s behaviors. I always enjoy answering questions, talking with clients, and getting to know each dog individually. Working here, I learn something new every single day whether that be a golden nugget of knowledge from Carol, working with the daycare pack or just by hearing your personal stories and experiences. Fissan is very much a family business and we all lift each other up and help each other grow every single day when we walk into the facility. I am so grateful to Rob and Carol for giving me the opportunity to join them on this adventure and to be a part of the Fissan Family. 

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