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Daily Boarding Schedule at Fissan

Boarding at Fissan can look different depending on your dogs needs and your choice of boarding options. 

7:00 am

First let out begins. Dogs are put out into the yard either solo, with their housemates or if daycare approved with other daycare approved dogs to stretch and go potty.  They are out for  minimum 5-10 minutes depending on weather, if they potty right away etc.  while they are out their kennels are checked for any messes, food is prepped for them and kennel readied for them to come in to eat. All let out times are estimates based on number of dogs, weather etc. 

7:30 am

After eating dogs are put out a second let out for stretching / potty

8 am

Dogs who are signed up for daycare ($25/day) with boarding are brought into the daycare pack (only available M-F). Dogs who are not daycare approved or have not paid for daycare that day continue with let outs every couple hours. Owners may choose extra play (15 mins of play in addition to normal let outs)

9:30 am /10 am

3rd boarding let out stretching and potty

12:00 noon

4th Boarding let out for stretching and potty

2:00 pm

5th boarding let out for stretching and potty

4:00 pm

Any boarding dogs in daycare are pulled out of daycare and brought to the kennel for evening feeding. All boarding dogs are fed and a 6th let out is started.

5:00 pm

7th let out for dogs who are done eating and ready to go outside

7:30 pm

Final let out for the evening.  Kennel staff leave at 8 or 8:30 pm. Training staff is onsite until 9 pm most evenings.  Cameras and alarms are on overnight and owners reside less than 1 mile from facility. 

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