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Boarding Menu
First Dog per Night

Includes 5-6 potty break, and Enrichment

Additional dog in same kennel. 
Additional dog in seperate kennel. 

Overnight boarding + DayCare M-F

Additional dog in same kennel + daycare M-F. 
Additional dog in seperate kennel.  + daycare M-F
Extra Play Time

15 mins of extra outdoor and indoor playtime/enrichment. 

Nail Trim 
$15 -$25

(cost based on dogs weight)


We recommend your own dogs food. If FTK supplies food it is charged per feeding. Lifetime Dog Food


Per administration. 

Oral or topical medication


Injectable medication (must be pre approved before booking)


Price estimates (click here) are minimum prices, additional charges for extra time with fearful or uncooperative dogs, excessive matting etc.

FTK reserves the right to use basket muzzles for the protection of staff and pets

Boarding Menu

It is important your dog stays comfortable and safe during their stay at FTK. You may bring Toys, Treats or anything that reminds your pup of home. Please know we will use these items during playtimes. We can not guarantee that items will be returned intact as dogs are dogs. We have bedding options here, you may bring blankets but they are not required as we do have blankets and beds available here. 


It is best and recommended here at FTK that dogs stay on the food they are use to during their stay. We have the ability to refrigerate and heat (Via Microwave) food accommodations. PLEASE ONLY bring the amount your dog will need for their stay. We would love food portioned out and put into individual zip lock bags, but this is not required. We WILL NOT accept 50lb bags of food, only the amount your dog will need during their stay. Feel free to bring treats and your pups favorite snacks! 


Cleanliness and health is a number one priority here at FTK. We believe it is important that all dogs who walk through our doors are healthy and happy.

We will need proof and updated vaccination records for: 


  • Bordetella 

  • Rabies 

  • Vaccination records can be uploaded to your pet portal

Liability agreement, photo release and boarding agreements must be signed. This can be completed online or on your first stay at FTK and will need to be redone on a yearly basis. PLEASE DO THIS ON OUR ONLINE SOFTWARE BEFORE DROP OFF.

Reservations and Cancellations

Reservations can be made on the ProPet customer portal or Phone Call to 651-332-2622. Reservation requests need to be approved by FTK staff. Confirmation email  will be sent to your email and customer portal. Owners will be billed for full price of stay if boarding cancellation is not made 24 hours in advance.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Drop Off: Please bring your dog in on a leash and have all appropriate paperwork. Allow for 10-15 mins with our front desk to make sure we have all instructions and care guides correct. 

Pick Up: Can happen any day  9 am to 2 pm. Pick up before 2pm to avoid late pick up fee. (late pick up 2pm - 6pm M- F only). Any pickups after 2 pm will endure an additional day of boarding charge. 

Sunday Pick Up:  9 am to 2 pm for pick up only, retail is not open on Sundays.  

Refusal of Dogs

Here at Fissan Training Kennels we have the right to refuse services to dogs that pose a threat to our staff, guests and other dogs. Safety is our number one priority here at FTK. We can help guide you via 1:1 training sessions for behavior modification, but can not accommodate aggressive dogs for boarding. 

We require all owners to have an emergency contact listed. 

What to Bring
What to Bring
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