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Daycare Options

Here at Fissan Kennels we believe supervised, educational and structured group play is an important part of a dogs life. Learning how to properly play and interact in a pack setting allows dogs to feel more confident, social and well behaved. 

We are unique in the fact that your pups daycare experience will be not only a social time but an educational experience. For dogs passing evaluation they will get to experience: 

  • Structured day care environment.

  • Supervised play times  and basic manners training.

  • Door manners and more.  5-6 potty breaks and outside play.  

  • Minimum of 3 - 1 hour blocks of Group play


The evaluation process is a minimum three hour stay. Your dog may stay the entire day if needed. It is imperative that daycare is a positive experience for all dogs. We will evaluate your dogs ability to interact in a pack environment. At the end of the evaluation you will receive a report of our observations.

  • What if my dog does not pass the evaluation?

    • If your dog does not pass the evaluation process for group daycare, we have opportunities! You will leave with an individualized plan/options. This may include day boards with 1:1 training sessions, private classes or group class options. We are in the business of education, both for our furry friends and their humans. 


3 hour Day Board with Daycare evaluation included
  • For dogs passing evaluation. Structured day care; Supervised play times with enrichment and basic manners training. Sit, Down, Stay, Door manners. 5-6 potty breaks with minimum of 3 - 1 hour blocks of Group play.
  • Split into small class sizes. Facility Daycare Capacity: ~30-35
  • Staff to dog ratio 1 : 15  
  • Hours 7:30AM-6PM 
Daycare Package #1 
5 full days of daycare. Used within 3 months of purchase. 
Daycare Package #2
10 full days of daycare. Used within 6 months of purchase. 
$150 - $30/day
$295 - $29.50/day
Daycare Package #3
20 full days of daycare. Used within 6 months of purchase. 
$570 - $28.50/day
Day Board 
  • For dogs unable to be incorporated in Day Care or individual day board
  • Receive individual potty breaks and enrichment. 
 More than 5 hours 
Less than 5 hours. 
Daycare and 1:1 Training
Day and Train 
  • Dogs will participate in all that group daycare has to offer. 
  • In addition they will receive an additional 30 mins of individualized training. 
Day Train Package 
  • 2 full weeks of training. Preference is for 2 consecutive weeks but can be individualized if needed.  Individual training goals and plan will be created. 


Updated and maintained vaccinations. 

  • Distemper

  • Rabies 

  • Bordetella 

Take your leash with you. This way personal leashes do not get lost or mixed up. We have our own kennel leashes we use daily. 

For puppies under 12 months you are welcome to bring a noon meal. For dogs over a year we do not accept noon meals unless it is required for medical needs. Please bring only the amount needed each day. Leftovers will be sent home each day. 

Dogs must be old enough to have rabies vaccine ~ 4 months (16 Weeks) of Age to participate in Daycare. 

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